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Related to Merck KGaA Partners with European ScreeningPort on Multiple Sclerosis Research

  • Gene Editing Typos
    Researchers use a human cell-based reporter assay to characterize off-target cleavage of CRISPR-associated (Cas)9-based RNA-guided nucleases.
  • Driven to Cancer by Obesity
    Researchers reveal how an obesity-induced gut microbial metabolite can promote liver cancer.
  • Getting Around “Undruggable” Proto-Oncogenes
    Investigators are finding ways to target proteins previously thought to be untargetable.
  • See the Rare Antibody
    In this literature review, learn how researchers converted stem cells to dendritic cells using agonist antibodies.
  • A New Cell Therapy
    In this literature review, learn how researchers generated tumor-targeted human T lymphocytes from iPSCs for cancer therapy.
  • Top 10 Multiple Sclerosis Drugs
    Find out which MS drugs brought in the most money last year.
  • Proteins under a Spotlight
    A genetically encoded protein domain that is degraded upon exposure to nontoxic blue light is described in this literature review.
  • A New Way to Interrogate PTPs
    A review of literature describing an assay that could help researchers use protein tyrosine phosphatases in drug development.
  • New Fluorophores
    A review of literature describing the development of fluorogenic probes for live-cell imaging of intracellular proteins.
  • Defenders against Death
    A review of literature describing how researchers used intracellular combinatorial libraries to select antibodies that protected cells from death.
  • Tag, You're It: Toward Protein Quantitation in Single Cells
    A review of literature where researchers used DNA-barcoded antibody sensing to detect proteins from fine-needle aspirates.
  • Five Ways to Improve Host-Cell Protein Assay Performance
    A customized approach to flagging unwanted HCPs.
  • Sorting FISH
    This literature review discusses how researchers used FISH to detect RNA transcripts at the single-cell level.
  • Catching Nanodiscs
    This literature review discusses a paper where researchers used ESI-MS with nanodiscs to screen glycolipids against proteins.
  • A SPA for PMTs
    Researchers propose a SPA strategy that can be successfully implemented to identify novel and specific inhibitors of PMTs.
  • New Luciferins
    Researchers describe a rapid method to synthesize D-luciferin along with a novel set of electronically modified analogues.
  • Biographies for Compounds
    Researchers demonstrate the value of a tool that compares compounds solely on the basis of their bioactivity for virtual screening.
  • Binding MoA by DPI
    Researchers investigate the application of dual-polarization interferometry (DPI) as a method for the real-time characterization of low molecular weight ligands.
  • Tripping The Light Fantastic: New Reporter System
    This study outlines an approach to improved use of reporter genes in high-throughput screening.
  • Culturing Primary Cells
    A small molecule can reversibly proliferate primary RPE cells isolated from human donors.
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