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July 1, Vol. 36, No. 13

  • Feature Articles

    • New Dimensions in 3D Cell Culture
    • Kathy Liszewski
    • The era of three-dimensional (3D) printing has arrived—not just the 3D printing of uniform solids, but the 3D printing of heterogeneous, living tissues If you are content with producing inert objects, you can use the 3D printers sold at Barnes ... more »
    • Peptide Therapies Are Due for a Gut Check
    • Angelo DePalma
    • Peptide drugs have gone in and out of fashion during the last 30 years With manufacturability and discovery largely solved, success will depend in large part on overcoming issues related to formulating and delivering these promising agents in oral form... more »
    • If “Overall” Underwhelms, Try RNA-Seq
    • Richard A. Stein
    • The contribution of individual cells to aggregate phenotypes is of increasing interest in biology, as is evident in the rise of technologies that can resolve cell-level details from the blur of population-level generalities Among these technologies is RNA sequencing (RNA-seq), ... more »
    • Homing In on Directed Imaging Platforms
    • Ian Clift
    • Subcellular imaging technologies have come a long way Conventional microscopy—the use of upright microscopes to detect small changes in light transmission through the cell—has been augmented by phase-contrast microscopy and fluorescence microscopy Phase-contrast microscopy improves images by measuring changes in the refractive ... more »
  • Columns

    • Driving Down Healthcare Spending
    • J. Leslie Glick
    • Five years ago, in this column (GEN, October 15, 2011), I explained why in the long run, three decades later, healthcare costs would likely decline, contrary to the situation then and even more so now In summary, the rationale for ... more »
    • Getting the Hang of 3D Liver Microtissues
    • InSphero, a developer of three-dimensional (3D) cell culture technology, offers microtissue platforms derived from liver, pancreas, tumor, heart, brain, and skin These platforms constitute the company’s 3D Insight™ line, which was expanded recently to include what the company calls Multi-donor ... more »
    • JHL Biotech Opens Biosimilars Facility
    • JHL Biotech, a biopharma based in Taiwan, recently opened the world’s first KUBio™ modular biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility with single-use bioprocessing technology JHL will use the KUBio, which was delivered by GE Healthcare and sited in Wuhan, China, to manufacture biosimilars ... more »