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October 15, Vol. 35, No. 18

  • Feature Articles

    • Pure Innovation Drives Clinical-Grade NGS
    • Ian Clift
    • When people talk about the $1,000 genome, they are not speaking about the whole genome, but the exons, the so-called coding regions of the genome “Six years ago, I was spending $15,000 per exome sequence,” says Gholson Lyon, MD, PhD, a genomic ... more »
    • The Lowdown on Scale-Up Mismatches
    • Angelo DePalma
    • A volume change in bioprocessing changes everything else, which is why scale-up can be so unpredictable It isn’t easy anticipating which upstream or downstream processes will require special attention It is even hard to say whether upstream processes or downstream ... more »
    • Metagenomics Digs Up Microbiome Riches
    • Vicki Glaser
    • The human microbiome comprises microbial communities that occupy habitats such as the gut, skin, mouth, airway, and vagina The healthy human microbiome can vary substantially between individuals, with multiple potential host-related factors (genetics, diet, early microbial exposure) and environmental variables ... more »
    • Tumor Models Bridge Mouse-Human Gap
    • Lisa Heiden
    • Precision medicine is all about the two T’s—targets and treatments—targets that emerge from analyses of patient-specific information, and treatments that hit these targets Both T’s, however, pose difficulties All too often, insights and drug candidates originating in precision medicine fail ... more »