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November 15, Vol. 34, No. 20

  • Feature Articles

    • Weaving a Stronger Drug Safety Net
    • MaryAnn Labant
    • The issue of drug safety is as old as drug development itself Historically, animal models have been the cornerstone of preclinical drug development, resulting in mostly phenomenological observations rather than providing a deeper mechanistic understanding of the side-effects of drugs ... more »
    • Ready, Aim, CRISPR (or RNAi)
    • Greg Crowther, Ph.D.
    • Recent progress in probing gene function via the RNAi and CRISPR methods were a strong theme of the Discovery On Target conference, which took place last month in Boston Both methods enable researchers to impair the function of a targeted ... more »
    • Overcoming Cell Line Complacency
    • Angelo DePalma
    • Calls for diligence in cell line authentication must be issued with greater urgency, insist scientific stakeholders on reproducibility According to one such stakeholder, Maryellen deMars, PhD, senior director of the standards resource center at American Type Culture Collection (ATCC), “The ... more »