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September 15, Vol. 34, No. 16

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    • Confronting Biological Plagues
    • Donald A Henderson, MD, is a Johns Hopkins University Distinguished Service Professor and Dean Emeritus of the university’s Bloomberg School of Public Health He is also Professor of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine ... more »
    • Microarray Testing for Unmet Needs
    • Gail Dutton
    • CombiMatrix, a CLIA-certified laboratory, is bringing microarray analysis to the underserved problem of recurrent pregnancy loss as well as to prenatal testing CombiMatrix performs microarray assays that deliver more complete results faster than traditional lab tests... more »
    • Tackling Production Issues for Bispecifics
    • First introduced during the 1980s, bispecific antibodies fell from favor due to issues with efficacy and manufacturability But 30 years is a long time in biotechnology Bispecifics are now making a comeback... more »