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February 1, Vol. 33, No. 3

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    • Tumor Bank Lends Expertise to Drug Firms
    • Oncology researchers have cultured tumor cell lines on plastic for decades, but these two-dimensional systems do not represent the complex tumorigenic process An alternate approach uses patient-derived tumors implanted into mice to create more clinically relevant models of human cancer... more »
    • En Bloc Analysis of Epigenetic Publications
    • Gary Oosta
      Enal Razvi
    • Epigenetic changes represent a fine-tuning mechanism for gene expression modulation Epigenetic changes do not involve changes to the DNA sequence, rather chemical modifications of DNA, folding, and complex formation that render genes transcriptionally active or inactive The existence of epigenetic ... more »
    • Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Drive Sector Growth
    • Gail Dutton
    • The global type 2 diabetes market is heating up, as obesity increases and incidents of diabetes approach epidemic proportions globally Although more than 40 diabetes therapeutics are approved for type 2 diabetes, there are high levels of unmet need, creating ... more »
    • Accelerate Cell-Line Development
    • Ulrica Skoging-Nyberg, Ph.D.
    • The optimal development of cell lines to provide protein-based medicines for applications targeting diseases in humans is essential for increased efficiency and lowering final cost of goods Biotechnology companies require their outsourcing partners to take concepts from the laboratory and ... more »
    • Advertorial: LI-COR Biosciences
    • From the extremes of South American rain forests, to the harsh conditions of the Antarctic, to cutting-edge research laboratories around the globe, scientists rely on products from LI-COR® Biosciences to provide answers LI-COR is a global leader in the design, ... more »
    • A Scalable, Affordable Solution
    • Rachit Mohindra
      Chris Ryan
    • Single-camera, dual-modality imaging inventions—born out of a need for simplicity and affordability in the lab—are allowing biomedical researchers to track neural and cardiac activity in real time, opening the door to medical knowledge that benefits patients with life-threatening conditions such ... more »
    • People in the News
    • Zafgen added Patricia Allen as CFO Formerly, Allen served as vp of finance, treasurer, and principal financial officer of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Prior to that, she was the corporate controller and director of finance at Alkermes Allen began her career as ... more »