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Insight & Intelligence™: Apr 25, 2014

INFOGRAPHIC: Shocking Drug Stats

Four frightening facts about prescription drug abuse.

INFOGRAPHIC: Shocking Drug Stats

Check out the full infographic below for shocking facts about prescription drug abuse in the U.S.

    You already know what the top 17 abused prescription drugs are and that the CDC classifies prescription drug abuse as an epidemic, but just how rampant is the abuse of prescription medicine, exactly? The infographic below presented by CRC Health Group seeks to clarify this by bringing you four facts that put the problem in layman's terms. 

    Scary Drug Stats

    1. Fact: The United States consumes 80% of the world’s pain medication while only having 6% of the world’s population.1
    2. Fact: In the United States, deaths from pain medication abuse are outnumbering deaths from traffic accidents in young adults.2
    3. Fact: An American dies from a prescription drug overdose every 19 minutes.2
    4. Fact: The biggest abusers of prescription drugs are aged 18–25.3

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