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March 12, 2014

Winners of GE Healthcare 2013 Cell Imaging Competition Announced

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    Martin Barr of St James’ Hospital and Trinity College Dublin won first place in the High-Content Analysis category for this image: Lung adenocarcinoma cell stained for F-actin (green), mitochondria (red) and DNA (blue). Therapeutic focus: Cancer.

    Vanessa Auld from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Martin Barr from St James’ Hospital and Trinity College Dublin, and Graham Wright from the Institute of Medical Biology, A*STAR, in Singapore have each won the GE Healthcare 2013 Cell Imaging Competition.Their winning images will be lighting up Times Square at a special event between April 25–27.

    Auld won first place in the Microscopy category, Barr won first place in the High-Content Analysis category, and Wright was a regional winner in the Microscopy category. 

    GE Healthcare says the Cell Imaging Competition aims to celebrate the research of scientists across the world using GE's IN Cell Analyzer, DeltaVision™ Elite, and DeltaVision OMX™ systems in their work. 

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    Graham Wright from the Institute of Medical Biology, A*STAR, in Singapore was a regional winner in the microscopy category for this image: Mouse spermatocyte spread stained for KASH-5 and SCP3 (red and green) and DNA (blue). Therapeutic focus: Fertility.

    "This year’s three winning images are once again incredibly beautiful and compelling, reminding us of the cellular complexity behind disease and why the study of cells is so important," said Eric Roman, general manager of research and applied markets at GE Healthcare Life Sciences, in a statement. "We were delighted to receive so many outstanding entries to the competition, which highlights how cell imaging is helping scientists explore the universe of the cell and is advancing our understanding of so many life-threatening and life-limiting diseases."

    The six judges were Paul Goodwin, science director, cellular imaging and analysis at GE Healthcare; Geoffrey Grandjean of the Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute in California and 2011 competition winner for the Americas; Microscopy & Analysis editor Julian P. Heath; Carmen Laethem, scientist and project manager for Aerie Pharmaceuticals; Kristie Nybo, assistant editor at BioTechniques; and Nick Thomas, principal scientist at GE Healthcare.

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