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March 22, 2007

MilleGen and LFB Converge to Work on New Generation of Therapeutic Mabs

  • MilleGen and LFB will collaborate to design a new generation of recombinant Mabs, which are therapeutically and economically more effective. To achieve this, the companies will work to improve the Mabs’ pharmacokinetics and effectors functions, which play a key role in their therapeutic capacity.

    The deal brings together MilleGen's DME platform Mutagen™ and LFB's expertise in therapeutic antibody discovery and development. MilleGen will apply its Mutagen technology to genetically engineer the Fc region of the antibody as a first phase of the project. In the second step, LFB will conduct preclinical evaluation of antibody candidates, in particular in the field of onco-hematology.

    The project led by MilleGen and LFB  will also involve Inserm U858, Toulouse, France, which will be active in the molecular and cellular engineering of recombinant antibodies.

    Both partners obtained grants from the French government for this R&D project.