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May 29, 2006

Evidence Based Medicine EBM

  • Despite a wide range of medical innovations that have improved the lives of patients today, Americans do not always get the quality health care they need. As a result many health care related groups are focusing on ways to improve both inpatient outcomes and the cost effectiveness of therapies. They are relying on an approach called evidence based medicine or EBM, which aims to take knowledge obtained from current and rigorous scientific research and apply it to health care practice and delivery.

    The National Pharmaceutical Council, a Reston, VA based organization supported by about 20 of the major research based pharmaceutical companies in the nation, has made EBM its primary focus. During this this podcast, The new president of NPC, Dan Leonard, discusses why EBM has become such an important issue to the Council. He also provides examples of where the NPC has already begun some initiatives in the area of EBM and describes the role of the various health care industry sectors, including pharma, in helping to generate, evaluate, and apply sound evidence based medicine.

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