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July 01, 2011 (Vol. 31, No. 13)

Extreme Science

  • Nice links collection
  • Annoyingly, a video starts playing when you open the site

Excuse me for stating the obvious, but—science is cool! At least, everyone who is reading this column no doubt reached that conclusion a while ago. That’s why I really enjoyed exploring the website Extreme Science, which is “cool science” in its purest sense. The author, former NASA scientist Elizabeth Keller, has created a website with the purpose of getting kids (and the rest of us) excited about science. And she succeeds. She does so through photos and videos of things like bizarre creatures such as the hairy anglerfish, or animals that have set “animal records” (fastest, largest, deadliest, etc.). Beyond the animal kingdom, there are also things to explore within the topics of Earth, ocean, space, time, and weather. Additionally, the “resources” page includes links to even more interesting science videos, maps, and links.

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