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Dec. 1, Vol. 34, No. 21
Celebrating 30 Years
  • John Sterling, Editor in Chief Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News is proud to present our special "GEN 30" Anniversary issue, celebrating 30 years as the bioindustry's most influential publication. In addition to the articles (listed below) written by the top biotech thought leaders, this commemorative issue also features a biotechnology timeline covering the past 30 years.

    Also included are collections of GEN facts, highlighting fascinating news items pertaining specifically to GEN, and Bioindustry Facts, interesting news briefs relating to the global biotechnology industry.

    You can also listen online to Skype interviews with human gene therapy pioneer Dr. James Wilson, veteran biotech investment expert Stelios Papadopoulos, and biotech lawyer Gerry Elman. Audio interviews with esteemed scientific researchers Dr. Arnold Demain and Dr. Leigh Anderson can also be heard online.
    • Point of View

      • Leaving Money on the Table
      • Phil Birch, D.Phil.
      • Many biotechs may be leaving money on the table. High-risk clinical evidence collection strategies can significantly devalue a development asset. Consider the issue of dose selection. The typical clinical trial only tests two or three plausibl ... more »
    • Feature Articles

      • GEN Roundup on Flow Cytometry
      • Flow cytometry has long been used in cell counting and cell sorting. More recent applications include biomarker detection, protein engineering, cell signaling, pathway screening, and systems biology. GEN recently interviewed a number of flow ... more »
      • Genomic Singularity Is Near
      • Kate Marusina, Ph.D.
      • The explosive growth of DNA-based diagnostics empowers us to take a closer look at our own health and to demand answers from healthcare providers to questions that have never been asked before. Even if we do not fully understand the ... more »
      • Special Report: Microarray Not Fade Away
      • Lisa Heiden
      • The microarray, the legacy technology for measuring gene expression, will not go gentle into that good night. True, in some respects, the microarray will be eclipsed by next-generation sequencing (NGS), specifically, whole transcriptome shotgun se ... more »
    • Corporate Profile

      • Refining Cellular Assays via Micropatterns
      • Gail Dutton
      • French contract research organization (CRO) Cytoo specializes in developing high-content, three-dimensional cellular assays for muscle and skin. It does so by means of micropatterns, which are initiated photolithographically and are ultimately ela ... more »
    • Bioprocessing Perspective

      • FDA’s Supply Chain Initiative
      • Title VII of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Safety and Innovation Act (FDASIA) of 2012 seeks to quell the invisible hand that until now has guided sourcing and supply of raw ingredients and drug substances. The law, which is based on the ... more »
    • OMICS Tutorial

      • Comprehensive DNA Quantitation
      • Fabiola Saffache
      • With the advent of new technologies that aim to more clearly discern subtle and complex information from small samples, the requirement for setting quality control processes has never been greater. The need to determine sample concentration has pa ... more »
    • Drug Discovery Tutorial

    • Drug Discovery Tech Notes


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