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Oct. 1, Vol. 34, No. 17
Celebrating 30 Years
  • John Sterling, Editor in Chief Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News is proud to present our special "GEN 30" Anniversary issue, celebrating 30 years as the bioindustry's most influential publication. In addition to the articles (listed below) written by the top biotech thought leaders, this commemorative issue also features a biotechnology timeline covering the past 30 years.

    Also included are collections of GEN facts, highlighting fascinating news items pertaining specifically to GEN, and Bioindustry Facts, interesting news briefs relating to the global biotechnology industry.

    You can also listen online to Skype interviews with human gene therapy pioneer Dr. James Wilson, veteran biotech investment expert Stelios Papadopoulos, and biotech lawyer Gerry Elman. Audio interviews with esteemed scientific researchers Dr. Arnold Demain and Dr. Leigh Anderson can also be heard online.
    • Feature Articles

      • CMOs Shifting to Smaller Bioreactors
      • William Downey
      • In July 2014, CMC Biologics announced that it had entered into a commercial supply agreement with Portola Pharmaceuticals to produce andexanet alfa, a potential first-in-class Factor Xa inhibitor antidote.  One of the reasons cited by Por ... more »
      • Smoother Sailing for Clinical Trials
      • Kathy Liszewski
      • Clinical research can be a high-pressure, fast-paced environment fraught with challenges. Contract research organizations (CROs) provide expertise for navigating through the maze of regulatory and other important considerations. Advice on how ... more »
      • Stem Cell Peaks Yet Unscaled
      • Vicki Glaser
      • Just about everything to do with stem cells—from basic research to clinical development—will be discussed at the World Stem Cell Summit 2014, which will be held December 3–5, in San Antonio, TX. This event is expected to highlight the use of s ... more »
    • Corporate Profiles

      • Competing Globally in the World of CMOs
      • Gail Dutton
      • The ability and willingness to use new expression platforms, coupled with a communicative culture, is adding value to contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) and triggering a thriving price competition, particularly among CMOs involved in prod ... more »
    • Corporate Capabilities

      • Advertorial: Bachem
      • The demand for peptides as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is continuously increasing because they are highly active, highly specific, and metabolically favorable substances. Peptides perform diverse physiological functions, and thus are ... more »
      • Advertorial: DeNovix
      • DeNovix is a Wilmington, DE, based developer and manufacturer of life science instrumentation for bioresearch. The company was founded in 2012 by Fred Kielhorn, the former managing director of NanoDrop Technologies. The DeNovix staff includes a hi ... more »
      • Advertorial: IntelliCyt
      • IntelliCyt develops innovative, high-throughput, high-content cell- and bead-based screening solutions for use in phenotypic drug discovery, antibody discovery, and in vitro toxicity testing. Founded in 2006, the company commercialized High Throug ... more »
      • Advertorial: OriGene Technologies
      • OriGene Technologies was founded in 1996 as a research tool company focused on the creation of the largest commercial collection of full-length human cDNAs in a standard expression vector. OriGene’s mission, to prepare comprehensive sets of ge ... more »
      • Advertorial: Tonbo Biosciences
      • Founded in 2011 by a team of immunologists, researchers, and industry leaders, Tonbo Biosciences was conceived of a simple principle: provide products of equivalent performance and exceptional value. “We’re able to provide high-performance, va ... more »
    • Bioprocessing Perspectives

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